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The Atomic Litter

We rescued 6 puppies from a shelter in California, and named them the Atomic Litter. All 6 are thriving in their homes in California, Oregon, and Idaho. Sig, Neon, Zinc, Meka, Roxy and Argon. It was a massive effort to help these pups and assistance was received nationwide and also from other countries. Two of these puppies are "blue malinois", meaning a genetic dilution in coat that gives a grey blue appearance.


Loki was a stray who came into Woof via a northern California shelter. Malnourished and in poor health, his foster family worked hard to get him to a healthy weight and began his socialization. By the time we came along and adopted this beautiful boy, Loki had been nursed back to health, had started obedience training and his true colors were starting to show! We have continued his training. He’s learned to ride in a car, taken a tricks class (play dead is his favorite) and introduced him to agility (he loves the tunnel). He needed a boost of confidence and this combination of activities has helped tremendously. Nose Work will be our next endeavor.


Loki is our first Malinois and he is very typical of the breed- boundless amounts of energy, needs a job and tends to bore easily. Armed with a great trainer, the full support of Woof and the desire to learn more about dog training/behavior, we dove right in. There was a steep learning curve at first but we were determined to give Loki what he needed to thrive. We knew he had a happy, affectionate, spirited dog inside of him just waiting to trust again. He is as much work as we were told and more! That being said, it has been a truly rewarding experience and we can’t imagine our lives without him. We are eternally grateful to Woof for rescuing this dog, caring for him and giving us the opportunity to make him a member of our family.


Anci was an owner surrender entrusted to us to find a wonderful, more suitable home for her. After fostering she was adopted by someone that served in the Military and looking for an active companion. She is his Service Dog, his friend, and has successfully competed in Disc Dog activities.


Foxy came from a California shelter with a damaged front leg in which was never properly treated. Adopted in 2012, she is thriving in her loving home, and thanks to good care, has retained the use of her leg. She is a sweet, petite and happy Malinois who loves her Dad.


In 2012, Oso came to Woof as a little pup from a shelter, and sometimes its a little hard to ID them as purebreds, or Mal mix. Whatever he is, he is one great all around dog. He lives on a Ranch in Montana and enjoys helping with the Cattle, protecting the property, hiking, horseback riding and skijoring. His family loves him to pieces and everyone that has had a chance to care for him loved him too.


Posy was pulled from a shelter in the Seattle area with a significant wound on her head, perhaps a gunshot. We fixed her up in foster and this spunky girl ended up being adopted by an experienced home in Northern California... she is loving life living on a farm and getting out and about everywhere with her Mom.


In 2012 Reese, now Stormy was a stray Mal puppy off the streets of Seattle and was taken in by Woof. She was lovingly fostered and went on to Alaska where she is active in herding, and obedience with her Mom handler/trainer. Stormy is a real character!


Maggie was a last minute save from an owner-surrender at 7 1/2 years old. While she has the long coat of a Belgian Tervuren, both her Sire and Dam are Malinois so she has the Malinois temperament. Her foster ended up keeping her to live out the 2nd half of her life in fun and companionship with her Belgian Tervuren brother and Belgian Sheepdog sister. She is now nearly 11

Miami Sam

Miami Sam, now Franco had a miraculous save back in 2012. Stuck at a high kill shelter in Miami Dade with a bad leg, his chances were slim to none. Folks rallied and raised the funds to fly him to Woof Project, a rarity as we try to stick with saving our West Coast Mals in need. Today, he is a 'Demo Dog' for his Trainer Handler in Washington, teaching many dogs dog manners with a steady and wise paw. His Owner loves him with all her heart.


Daley was an owner-surrender in California and we were happy she did not have to go through the shelter experience. She was in a very remote place. She is a happy, beautiful and fun female that landed a great home with a loving couple with another Malinois. They now live in Idaho


Lily arrived at the shelter terrified after being shot with a tranquilizer and needed a understanding and patient home to help her trust again. She found that in wonderful family in St Louis, Missouri. While we normally do not go out of our territory, this was a known family to us. She is thriving in the love and care she receives every day, and was happily joined by another Woof dog Mac two years later.


Enzo came with his brother Dillon as young dogs and landed a great home in Vancouver, BC Canada. He spends time at the Beach, on hikes, and also hangs out at the Fire Station where is Dad works.


Dillon and his brother came off Craigslist and we were very happy the owner surrendered them to us. Dillon lives a wonderful life on Hood Canal in Washington State, enjoying outdoor forest and beach adventures daily. He is a wonderful and loving companion dog for their family.


Zeva was an owner-surrender and spent much of her time in the back yard. Now she lives a great life in beautiful Idaho along with her retired Working dog Mal sister and another Mal adopted from Woof a couple of years later. She is a loving, fun and feisty girl who needed exactly the right home


While not a purebred, we rescued Lulu from a very poor backyard situation and tended her back to health. Today, she lives in Oregon, a trained Truffle Dog and a completely loving companion dog. She gets hikes, walks and whatever else her family feels like doing.


Enzo came with his little sister Ginger from a high kill shelter in California, and likely a Dobie/Mal mix. Whatever he is, he is stunning. He has turned out to be a wonderful companion dog where they are active in obedience and generally enjoying life.


Ginger came from a high kill shelter in California along with her brother as small pups. We definitely knew they were not purebreds but we had the room. Ginger is now a trained Therapy Dog at a major Childrens Hospital in Oregon, tending to sick children and their worried families. She also spends time in the ER providing emotional support to their Staff.


Maverick came from a shelter in California and was briefly fostered and quickly adopted in Nevada. A big, happy boy who truly enjoys life with is Mom and gets along with most everyone.


Gypsy now Havana had a long road from a field in California to going to Alaska as a SAR dog. Sadly, she had health issues preventing her from doing something she would have loved, but now is living happily with a Vet in Alaska.


Sydnee was one of two sisters from a shelter in the Northwest. Full of spunk she has a loving life with her Mom in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Washington. Active in obedience, agility, and regular hiking she is one happy dog with her little friends too.


Tucker came from a shelter in California and now lives with 3 boys, another dog and his Mom and Dad. He is all in when it comes to play and ball as you can see. He is a solid, protective and loving dog that wants to please and loves to be trained. He is learning a lot of scent work and shows great talent. And he loves his three boys.


Gibbs, another shelter dog in So. Cal arrived skinny and sick. Nursed back to health he ended up in a great, experienced home in Washington doing a ton of obedience, ring sport and a great, loving and loyal companion do for his Mom.


Brava was a dog off Craigslist in San Diego and just a puppy when we got her. She was and is a very spunky girl that is not afraid to speak her mind; her poor fosters suffered through crate training! Today she is a very talented dog training with her active Mom, doing hiking, Schutzhund, dock diving and anything else they decide to do in Oregon. She is still loud in her crate!


Loki is one handsome big boy... he came from a shelter in Northern California, lived a while in Washington and now back in California. He has touched a couple of families’ lives on his journey and now is in just the right home. Regular training, hiking, nose work, beach and treadmill keep him very happy with his people.

Big Mac

Big Mac, is a big, happy boy we rescued from a shelter in California. Fostered there, and then landed a wonderful home with Woof dog sister Lily in St. Louis. MO. He is a big, good-natured Mal who loves his life with his family.


Beautiful Bindi, a pup at a shelter in So. Cal. She languished for some time due to illness. We were finally able to get her and nursed her back to health over several months. She is now living the good life in Oregon on many acres, and doing many fun family activities. She goes fishing, motor home, ATV; she is IN. She adores her Mom and Dad.


Josie! What a character she is. Nothing was safe around this one in foster but what a lover too. She ended up in an experienced home in Nevada, with a Mal brother. She spends time at the office with Dad, and hiking in the desert chasing bunnies. She has the potential for SAR work as well.

Koad (Lobo)

Koda (was Lobo) came from a remote shelter in Nevada. Now he is a solid family dog, and welcomed a new baby last year. He is adored and a truly fine, easier Malinois


Hans is one of those perfectly balanced Mals: stable, high drive, and a friend to all (except bad guys). He came from a shelter in No. Cal and from there landed a home with Master Trainer in Idaho. He is gentle with children and nice to dogs that visit the Boarding Facility where Dad works.


Gorgeous Annika came from a shelter in So. Cal and.ended up in a loving home in Oregon, overlooking the Columbia River. She is a solid and loving companion dog for her Dad who suffers from PTSD and calms him with her loving nature and loyalty and sense of fun.


Jack was an owner surrender and we were happy to welcome this beautiful black Malinois to our rescue. Young and spunky, he needed a good experienced home, which he got in Montana. He happily lives with other long coated Belgians and enjoys life as a 'truck dog' for a dog sled team. He is obedience trained while also getting to enjoy the acres of Montana fun that surround them.


Vala came from a shelter in BC, Canada. A black Malinois, she is now living a great life with an experienced handler in Washington along with other Malinois. She has lots of training and lives an active life suitable to her high drive nature.


Willow came from a shelter in So. Cal and managed to endear herself to her foster family... who adopted her. She is getting some obedience training and is an all around wonderful companion dog for them.


Baby Link came to us with severe demodex mange. But all along he maintained a well-earned name at that time of "Trooper"... nothing phased that puppy. Now he is living a wonderful life in NW Washington State going riding with Mom, exploring nearby trails, sheep herding and anything else they decide to do. A naturally balanced, good-natured young dog, he can do whatever is asked.

Cairo (Murrdoch)

Murrdoch, now Cairo was rescued along with his sister from a shelter in So. Cal. A Master Trainer who wanted a big Mal, and that he is adopted him. He is thriving under the positive guidance of his Dad in So. Cal


Tesla was rescued with her brother Cairo in So. Cal and now living with her wonderful forever home in Oregon. She is stable, bright and happy, and loves her Boy. They are working on obedience, and hope to start some nose-work with her. They love hiking and trips to the beach too.


Beautiful sweet Greta was rescued after been dumped by her owner for being too old. Woof took her in, knowing that her months or years were numbered. She was provided Vetting, and wonderful family that cared for her in her last months on Earth. She was deeply loved and passed in comfort and now at the Rainbow Bridge.


Beautiful Kira from another California shelter was adopted by an experienced Malinois home in Alaska, where she will enjoy lots of fun activities and some obedience training along with her Mal 'brother'.


Alli is a young female Mal X GSD mix and a great combination she is! Pulled from a shelter in Northern California, she now lives in the same area enjoying an active lifestyle of regular hiking most everyday. She is a wonderful companion dog for her people.


Bizz was in dire need of someone to take this senior boy, and Woof was able to do so. A likely Mal X GSD mix he found a spot with a loving foster that loves caring for a Senior. He turned out to be SUCH a character, and was forever squeaking his toys, and fun loving even tho his rear end was starting to get weak. Sadly he passed away suddenly, and is to this day dearly missed. He had the best last time of his life and left a big paw print.

Dasher (Bronn)

Dasher (now Bronn) was a youngster when he was transferred from another Rescue group that was not set up to handle Malinois. We took him and his brother Blitzen in and they both proceeded to come down with Parvo. Much care later, they both survived and are beautiful dogs. Bronn lives his family in California, participating in lots of obedience classes, hiking and family activities.


Bulleit came from a shelter in California and went into great foster home that had not intention of adding another Mal to their pack. However, he showed such positive strengths and attributes they could not say no. He is now in training to become a certified Search and Rescue dog and a solid member of their pack and well as beloved in their community in Northern California.


Blitzen was a youngster when he was transferred from another Rescue group that was not set up to handle Malinois. We took him and his brother Dasher in and they both proceeded to come down with Parvo. Much care later, they both survived and are beautiful dogs. Blitzen lives with a professional Trainer in So. Cal and gets to do all kinds of fun stuff.


After about 2 1/2 months of having Shyva, her personality has really started to show. At first, she seemed a bit unsure of herself, and her drive was quite low. But now, she’s constantly ready to learn new things, and every day I find out something new about her. She does amazing when out and about, and doesn’t care about other dogs barking or lunging at her. She tends to ignore unimportant things, and is always focused on what I ask her to do next. She’s happy to let strangers, adults and children alike, give her attention and pets. She’s a huge part of my home now. I love her and have never had such a close bond with a dog before. We are so thankful to have her in our family.

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