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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become a foster for Woof Project?

Please fill out the Adopt/Foster application HERE. A Woof coordinator will then make contact with you.


How do I adopted a Belgian Malinois from Woof Project?

The application process for adopting is the same as fostering. Please fill out a contact form HERE to start the process.


How much does it cost to adopt a Belgian Malinois from Woof Project?

Our general fee is $500. The fees we charge go directly to our dogs currently in care, about to enter Woof Project or to pay outstanding veterinary bills. Woof is a non-profit, we rely on adoption fees and donations to keep Woof Project up and running.


Why do you only adopt to people with Malinois experience?

Belgian Malinois are a challenging dog that are generally not suitable for the first time dog owner, but are often "too much dog" for people that have owned other breeds. We place dogs into homes with the highest probability of success. Owning a Malinois is demanding, and requires extensive training, exercise and a clear understanding of this intelligent and busy breed.


Why no children under 12?

Even with proper supervision, young children can be difficult to manage around a Malinois. High pitched noises, toys, grabbing hands, running, all normal things for a child can create possible reactions by a Malinois. The Malinois is a working breed, they are highly driven and typical to their herding nature have been known to chase and nip.


Why the fenced yard requirement?

Our dogs need to be safe in the confines of their own property, avoiding issues with strangers, livestock, dogs and cats. Some dogs with anxiety due to noises, or separation anxiety will take off, over or under an inadequate fence. A 6 foot fence is the minimum requirement.

Thank you for visiting The Woof Project!

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