Please read the following before filling out the surrender form

1. Can you return the dog to the Breeder or Rescue (depending on where he came from)?  Quality Breeders or Rescues contracts require the dog be returned to them. 


2.  If you are having behavioral/training issues have you worked with a trainer to help resolve?  We have a list of qualified Trainers here.  Many issues can be resolved with some work on the part of the Handler.


3.  If you still must rehome, please spay or neuter your dog beforehand.  There is already an overpopulation of unwanted Malinois/Mixes out there.


4. Are you on the west coast? If not, please contact American Belgian Malinois Rescue or The Malinois Ranch Rescue

Surrender Application
There are NO guarantees being made by completing the surrender application. Each surrender is evaluated on an individual basis and the determination will be based on a multitude of factors. Please answer ALL questions honestly and thoroughly.

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