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~DOB: 02/01/2022

Weight: 50 pounds

Energy Level: Moderate 

Overall Drive: Moderate

Location: Anchorage, AK



Sini is the perfect-sized Malinois that just wants to make her human happier than they can ever imagine!  She is a matured lady for her years that is well known around the local community for using her long crazy legs much like human arms when meeting folks to give hugs (if they approve first of course).  She will keep everyone around her laughing when she bats her front legs around and stands straight up on her rear legs. #PrairieDogStatus

If Sini was a human, she would be a greeter at a hospital, incredibly happy to help you get where you are going if she can come with you!  Sometimes she is a little nervy #GirlMeToo in certain situations but has come a long way during her time in foster.  She is always up for learning new things and overcoming challenges that are thrown her way by the people that she trusts.  #SinisCircleOfTrust  Sini will smile when she is nervous and doesn’t know what to do. Although it may look funny and endearing, it is her main warning sign she is uncomfortable and insecure. Her person needs to be aware of this and not overlook her signal to leave a situation or direct her to a new task to ensure she is set up for success. This young lady is eager to please, shows tons of affection, and is a stage 7 clinger. #VelcroDog


Sini has done great with all the male dogs that she has been introduced to, but she has not been around any female dogs so it is unknown how she may react.  When out on walks she has had her interest piqued by many of the small animals in the area so there is some prey drive there in that body of hers. She has not been tested with cats, does fairly well with older, quiet children that give her the space and respect she needs. She is not a good candidate to live with young children as the noise and unpredictable movement is unsettling for her. She has not minded visitors into the home, but they are not allowed to engage with resident dogs.

Sini is a softie when it comes to correction and does best with clear, consistent verbal corrections.  She is house trained but can be opportunistic with food items that are left out, as well as searching for things you left behind that she would like to chew on or eat like socks, toy stuffing, etc.  She has mastered the Sit, Down, Treadmill, Kennel, and Attention commands and is working on walking in a formal heel position, not hugging people that don’t want to be hugged and fine tuning her off leash skills.  She loves food, treats, playing, and praise for doing a good job!

Sini is a diamond in need of some fine polishing and a gentle set of hands to assist in said endeavor. She would do best in a quiet, predictable, low traffic home with no children or possibly quiet/respectful older kids.  At night she would love to sleep with her person once adjusted in the home but until then she is crate trained and sleeps in it at night.  Since she picks up on commands and training so quickly, she could be a good candidate for AKC obedience, rally, and agility with the proper handler bond.  Her energy is easily managed if there is a proper outlet such as walks, play time, running, hiking etc.

Our adoption process includes- completion of an application, followed by a telephone interview.


Adoption Donation: $500.00

Transport via air, and along Interstate 5 (Rowland Heights, CA to Edmonds, WA) is available but cost not included in adoption fee.

For all inquiries, please fill out our adoption application first, as the volunteer answering emails is probably not the coordinator for the specific foster home/dog.

Thank you for visiting The Woof Project!

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