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2yr 10m


Spayed Female

Here are some of Crystal’s favorite things: playing fetch or tug, chasing squirrels, cheese, getting a belly rub from someone she knows, a frozen Kong treat, riding in a car in a crate, going on hikes.

Her nickname is ‘mouse’ because of her big ears, long whiskers and her love of cheese.

She is not a dog for everyone, but if you are looking for an engaged, smart, and motivated partner, she is a dog for you. If you are a Malinois person and appreciate their energy, loyalty and careful caution—she has it all. Her other nickname: 0 to 60! The other thing we appreciate about Malinois—intensity—she has that too!

Crystal would excel at scent work or any dog sport that is individually based. She’s got the chops to learn and grow and has the potential to evolve with her person in conjunction with the growth of your relationship. She is very sweet and affectionate with those she knows.

She came to us via a shelter in Sacramento where she had been found as a stray. The shelter noticed her toy drive (still very much intact!) and that was that. We’ve taken our time in getting to know her and figuring out what she likes (and doesn’t) and, sadly for us, it’s not USAR work that floats her boat. She has the potential to thrive in a job, if she could find the right fit and has the talent for detection work.

We think she might like an adult partner (or partners) who understands Malinois, is very active and can provide outlets for her energy and her love of toy play, relationship and learning. She might like a nice yard where she can keep the squirrels out and a place to sit with you after her job is done. She might like a job or a sport, depending on what it is. She would definitely like to hike with you. She would probably like a neighborhood where she can be out and about without a ton of other dogs or people around all the time. The main thing is, if she likes you, she will be an endless source of joy and education as she blooms in your care.

The first step in our adoption process is to fill out our application at

Questions? Contact a member of our staff at or 888-4K9HERO

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