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BLACK GhoughNut Stick

Medium "Original" Black Stick - HEAVY DUTY Pro 50


  • Dimensions: 1.75 inch cross section/9.75 inch length

  • Durability Scale Score: 80



BLACK GhoughNut Stick

  • GoughNuts Guarantee - If your dog chews through the outside wear layer, Green or Black, to expose the indication layer, Red, GoughNuts will replace your toy. GoughNuts patent pending, "Chew Toy Safety Indicator" is a mechanism for the dog owner to see a clear indication of when to take the GoughNut from the dog. Return Procedure - If you see a red indication, return the GoughNut to: GoughNuts LLC 217 Lois Ave Modesto, CA 95350 Please include a check for $5.25 that covers the priority shipping of a new GoughNut back to you. If you live in Canada the check should be for $19.95. We are working with team sellers to create a point within each country to return damaged GoughNuts. Please be patient with us as we continue into our world wide expansion. We will evaluate the toy damage and return a new toy. This return or guarantee policy is one of our commitments to your dogs safety. Please do not allow your dog to continue chewing the GoughNut if red is indicated. The safety premise is designed to give clear indication to show when the toy is damaged and is an instruction or indication to take the GoughNut away from the dog. Following this instruction or visible indication is a design to help prevent intestinal blockage. Intestinal blockage is a serious safety issue and in worst case scenarios can result in the death of your dog.
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