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Age: ~18 months

Gender: Male

Weight: 51lbs.

Energy Level: Moderate to High

Overall Drive: Moderate

Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

Geljen is an affectionate, fun dog that loves people, especially women. He craves human attention, is eager to please, and especially loves car rides and hops into the car crate as soon as the door opens. He likely never lived in a house and has learned everything from scratch: dishwasher, printer noises, coffee maker, etc. He also had to learn about the “outside” world like going for a walk or visiting Home Depot.  He is non-reactive to small or big dogs that he passes on walks. As long as he feels secure with his person, he follows that trusted person through new situations and places.


Geljen has been very friendly with strangers and if someone comes in too fast with a hand over his head, he might back away, but recovers quickly. He plays well with other dogs, although can be a bit pushy. However, he is respectful of boundaries in more assertive dogs. He has shown no reactivity to horses and chickens, and while initially startled by goats, was curious and approached them after a few minutes.


Geljen is potty trained, crate trained (needs enrichment if for longer periods), is well-mannered at the vets’ office, and unphased by loud noises. He has mastered basic commands (verbal and hand signals) and is working on more advanced skills. His house manners are coming along nicely and with clear boundaries and structure he will continue to succeed with making good choices. He is extremely motivated by high value food and mild to moderate verbal correction is all that is needed to redirect him.


While he can entertain himself for hours with his toys, Geljen is a busy boy and will need a handler able to provide opportunities for physical and mental stimulation. Once his immediate physical needs are met, he settles nicely and either plays by himself with a toy, chews a bone or dozes off. He would love another dog to play with, but this dog should be assertive to help keep his pushy teenager ways in check. With his love for food and busy nature, he was started on K9 nosework and has learned to search for food treats inside and outside boxes. He loves the game so much he would make a good demo dog for a nosework/scentwork instructor. Geljens desire to work, athleticism, and intelligence may also make him a good candidate for agility, rally, or competitive obedience.


West Coast adoptions only, HOWEVER, if application is strong we may consider placement in other Western US states.

Must have previous or current, purebred Belgian Malinois experience OR other high drive working breed experience. Have no children under the age of 12 years old OR have extensive experience with children and high drive dogs.


Our adoption process includes- completion of an application, followed by a telephone interview.


Adoption Donation: $500.00

Transport along Interstate 5 (Bakersfield, CA to Bellingham, WA) is available but cost not included in adoption fee.

For all inquiries, please fill out our adoption application first, as the volunteer answering emails is probably not the coordinator for the specific foster home/dog.

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