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Heidi was brought into the shelter as a stray on base.  We could see from the first moment that this sweet girl had been severely mistreated.  The shelter staff has worked to gain her trust over the past four months simply by being very patient, kind, and understanding.  Heidi is not a dog that you can push or put pressure on her to be social or behave in a way that you want her to.  Everything we do with her is gentle and understanding.  She likes her routine here and knows she is safe.  That being said, she is still very distrusting and still fears negative treatment.  

Heidi absolutely lights up when she sees a tennis ball!  She loves to play fetch so this has been a wonderful way for us to gain a little of her trust.  The more she knows you and doesn't feel threatened, the closer she will bring the ball to you. 

She is not aggressive with toys or food and has never tried to be aggressive with staff and volunteers. 

She has been with many other dogs, large, medium and tiny and has not shown any aggression. 

There has only been one dog she played with and rolled on her back with, a very confident and well adjusted husky.  Otherwise she just avoids the dogs she has been with and keeps to herself.


After consulting with trainers and experienced staff, this would be Heidi's ideal home environment:


  • Routine and structure with feeding time, play time, stimulation time, ie. tricks and training.

  • Calm home with or without another dog, but if you already have a dog it would need to be a confident, well-adjusted dog.

  • No dog parks or dog beaches, she is not comfortable in social settings.  

  • No coffee shops, restaurants etc.

  • No walks around your neighborhood if there are stressors such as other dogs barking at her, kids playing or wanting to pet her.

  • The ideal home would be someone who is a homebody or does not want a social dog.  Every time she has to meet a new person, it is very stressful for her right now.  This may change but it could take years so it is best for her to be in a home with maybe one or two adults who do not have company over very often.

  • The process for Heidi to feel comfortable is years in the making; this is why a potential adopter must have patience and understanding.

  • No kids of any age because meeting new people, friends is a stressor for her.  She will flourish in the home that allows her to just “be” and loosen up on her terms. 

  • Her breed likes mental stimulation, food puzzles, new tricks, just nothing social.  

  • She would enjoy hikes but not on busy trails where she will be stressed every time she sees a human or another dog.   

Please only reach out to meet her if you are able to commit to the needs stated above.  Her next home must be her stable, non-changing forever home.  If you will be traveling with her that would be all right, she loves a car ride but she is not the dog that wants to sit around a campfire and meet new people.  


For adoption application:

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