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Meet Ruder! If you want the most loyal, loving companion, Ruder is your boy. Ruder, a neutered Doberman/Malinois mix was adopted at 6 months from a local rescue and he has lived the last year in San Francisco, California with a couple and their 4 year old Doberman/Cattle Dog mix named Max.

Although Ruder has adapted to city life in many ways, we feel that he would thrive in a less urban environment. He would excel with an active adopter who enjoys hiking, jogging, and other outdoorsy activities. 

Food and toys are Ruder’s main motivators, and he could play fetch for hours if he had it his way. His favorite activities are long walks up Bernal Hill and around Holly Park — usually with a pinecone or stick in his mouth — playing with his brother Max, and working hard in training sessions. Outside of Ruder’s daily routines with his owners he has also been meeting with a professional trainer to work on his basic obedience/manners, socialization, and finding outlets for his energy and intelligence.

Ruder knows all the basics — sit, down, heel, and has great recall. Off leash, Ruder loves to explore but will always check back in with you and never leave your sight. He has even picked up some agility training and loves to jump up and sit on platforms outdoors. Ruder is crate trained and has no trouble sleeping overnight, napping, chewing on his bone, and getting snacks in his crate. Ruder doesn’t mind the vet but can get a little nervous in the waiting area so he likes to go directly into his room. He has a muzzle every time he goes, but hasn’t met a vet that he doesn’t love.

Ruder will need to continue his training with a firm, supportive person to create strong boundaries and reduce his reactivity. Although Ruder is very sweet and affectionate with those he knows, he can be quite uncomfortable with strangers, there have been a couple incidents where he has nipped at a strangers. One was an extended family member he met for the first time and then another walking by on the street towards his owner. He has never broken skin, it's been inhibited. He is always muzzled when he is on walks and when he meets new people. However, when Ruder is introduced to someone slowly, in a controlled way, they will enter his inner circle and he will love and remember them forever! 

Once he gets comfortable with his new surroundings, he will be your home’s number one goofball. He’ll be down to go on hikes, possibly swim or just hang with you if you want to go for a drive. He would do very well in a household that would give him rules and boundaries right off the bat and keep him mentally and physically stimulated. 


Must have dog experience. Ruder may be okay with older children that are dog savvy and respectful. 

Contact: kaisha.hom@gmail.com

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