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~DOB: 12/1/2021

Gender: Male

Weight: 60 lbs

Energy Level: Low - Moderate

Overall Drive: Low - Moderate

Location: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


Have you ever heard of a “blank slate” or “Play-Doh” dog?  One that at the point in their life where they could be trained to do just about anything that you want?  This is Reid, he is at that point and looking for his forever home that will help him be whatever kind of dog you want him to be!  If you would like to know more about Reid, you must keep Reidin’ #OofAttackOfTheDadPuns

If Reid was a human, he would make the best teacher's pet, but this guy is not a narc.  Once he is bonded with his human he wants nothing more in life than to hang out with them and observe the world zooming by.  He can be cautious of new things but does warm up rather quickly to some situations.  His current housemate is a 6-year-old blue heeler that he gets to rough house with all the time.  Different-sized dogs do not bother him as he is in the “toddler” stage of life and just wants to play with everyone all the time.  When his foster is not with him, Reid must go in his crate as he could be slightly more inclined to investigative than they would like. Originally he went from protesting loudly about crate time to now sleeping in it on his own.

Reid loves being brushed and loves a good grooming session. His foster has noted that he is much more forgiving with women than he is with some men, but he does have male friends. He has a very affectionate personality, is super cuddly and playful, but at the same time weary of people he doesn’t know. Reid does have some prey drive in him as he likes to chase the local cats, and will easily clear a 6-foot fence to get after a squirrel. #MaybeWantsToPlayMaybeWantsToEatMrSquirrel

He has been on several car rides which he is hesitant about at first but settles in nicely after a few minutes.  During his trip to the vet’s office, he was stressed and barked at new things, but with reassurance from his person he got over it. Loud noises will make him curious, and he will growl/bark if he thinks he hears someone outside.  Since arriving in foster care Reid has mastered Sit, Shake, Other Paw, and Go-To-Bed commands.  Other commands he is still working on are Off, Heel, Leave It, and Down.  Additionally, he is still working on potty training (no accidents in a long time), jumping on people, and barking when his human leaves the house. #ReidSingingTheSongOfHisPeople

Reid is looking for his forever home that can give him the attention and love that he needs with plenty of time for continued training and confidence building. A home with another dog for him to hang out with and play with would be a dream for him.  So, if you are looking for a gem that needs a little polish and guidance, look for further than Reid!

Our adoption process includes- completion of an application, followed by a telephone interview. 


Adoption Donation: $500.00

Transport along Interstate 5 (Rowland Heights, CA to Edmonds, WA) is available but cost not included in adoption fee.

For all inquiries, please fill out our adoption application first, as the volunteer answering emails is probably not the coordinator for the specific foster home/dog.

Thank you for visiting The Woof Project!

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