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Update 5/16/20

We wanted to give you all an update on little Kiku, who is recovering from her recent FHO surgery. She is doing really well, using her leg off and on, and is eating and drinking like a champ. Her foster family is doing a great job making sure she doesn’t feel left out of the pack by bringing her on walks in a wagon - true princess treatment!

We’re still in need of some additional financial support for her continued care and appreciate and assistance you can provide. Thank you to all who have already donated in support of this brave girl, we can’t wait until she’s back on all 4 feet again!

The total ended up being $3944.53

Remaining bill after FOCCAS and grant : $1744.53

So far we have raised $720.






Kiku is a little 1yr old female Dutch Shepherd mix who came into Woof with some bad hips. She has had 2 surgical consults and needs an FHO on one side. The high estimate is $4,734.99‬.
Friends of Contra Costa Animal Shelters, FOCCAS, has offered to pay $1200.

Kiku is looking at 5/11/2020 for surgery . Prognosis is good.


We had $800 left from our previous fundraiser for Edie. Even with the $1200 from FOCCAS, we are still in need of $2735. We are asking for $2800 to cover any Paypal and Square fees.


If you prefer to write a check, the mailing address is:

Woof Project

4019 NE 109th Circle

Vancouver, WA 98686


Plan from vet below:


April 30, 2020
Woof Project Rescue
Re: Surgery Referral  
Your dog Kiku/Savrah was presented for evaluation of abnormal hips.  Below is a summary of our findings, diagnostics, and treatment plan:  

History:  Savrah presented for lameness in her hind quarters. Savrah is a rescue who was recently obtained by Woof Project Rescue and her history is unknown. She has been in foster care for the last 3 weeks and her foster family is considering adoption. During the past 3 weeks Savrah has been observed to ambulate well, although with an obvious left hind limb lameness.  She frequently has to stop and rest on her walks.  In the evenings Savrah appears to be uncomfortable and has a hard time laying down in a comfortable position, frequently shifting.  Savrah was evaluated at SVS Kirkland 4/20 and prescribed tramadol 100mg q12hr, gabapentin 300mg q12hr, and carprofen 50mg q12hr.  Savrah's comfort level appears to have significantly improved with pain medications. Savrah is eating well and eliminating normally.  She was recently spayed and did well with surgery and recovery.  Radiographs provided reveal a left femoral head fracture with thickening of the femoral neck and head as well as osteophytosis along the acetabulum.  Acetabulum appear shallow bilaterally.  The right femur has a medial projection at mid-diaphysis and possible area of lucency through the remaining misshapen femoral neck.  Unknown if previous FHO was performed on the right or if this was trauma related.   
Physical Examination:    Vitals: 1:13pm 4/30/20   Wt: 21.6 kg.   T: 100.8 F.   HR: 108   RR: 24/0   CRT: pnk<2   
General Appearance: Bright, alert and responsive; good body condition    Eyes: Corneas clear, pupils normal size, symmetrical; sclera white, no ocular discharge    Ears: No exudate observed; no redness present    Integument: Normal amount of shedding; skin looks normal; hair coat in good condition    Oral Cavity: Teeth are free from excessive tartar; gums are pink and moist; no gingivitis present    Lymphatics: Lymph nodes all normal size    Cardiovascular: Regular rhythm; no murmur detected; strong femoral pulses; CRT < 2 sec    Musculoskeletal: Grade III/V LH lameness with >50% weight shifting at gait LH to RH.  Circumduction of both pelvic limbs at gait with reduced hip extension L>R.  Moderate muscle atrophy in both pelvic limbs.  Painful on extension of left hip with crepitus and very minimal extension or abduction of the hip allowed.  No pain with direct palpation of left hip.  Reduced hip extension on the right with approximately 140 degrees extension possible, little to no pain response with manipulation of right hip.  Forelimbs unremarkable.    Gastrointestinal: Normal eliminations; palpates normally    Urogenital: Owner reports normal eliminations; external genitalia appears normal; bladder palpates normally    Respiratory: Lungs auscultate clear; trachea clear    Neurologic: No apparent abnormalities    Examined By: Kelci McKeirnan, DVM, MS, DACVS-SA   
In-Hospital Diagnostics: Examination
Assessment:  Kiku/Savrah has a chronic left femoral head fracture with significant degenerative changes in the hip in addition to previous right hip trauma.  It is difficult to determine if she had a previous fracture on the right as well, or if a femoral head and neck ostectomy was performed with inadequate removal of the femoral neck.  The flaring of the femur is concerning for previous trauma in the limb.  Given her painful left hip and lameness, a left FHO is recommended.  Revision of her right FHO is recommended in the future based on her recovery and the development of significant pain or lameness in the limb.  Her prognosis is good for improved function and comfort with a left FHO.
Diagnosis: Left femoral head fracture with moderate to severe degenerative changes; Right femoral trauma or previous FHO (incomplete removal of femoral neck)

Treatment Plan:   
-Continue tramadol, gabapentin and carprofen as prescribed -A left FHO is recommended -Comprehensive blood work is recommended prior to surgery


As always thank you for your support!!



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