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UPDATE 6-19-19 Unfortunately, at her recheck appointment today, x-rays revealed that she has since lost all bone regrowth in her injured leg and has rejected her surgical implants. Even with an aggressive and major revision surgery, she would still likely never regain full use of her leg. Now, she is experiencing pain and once again not willing to use her leg. Her surgical team feels that we have exhausted all viable options, and amputation is her best bet at a normal life. Can you help us get Inca on the road to her future? This playful girl deserves to know what it feels like to run, run, run in her forever home- wherever that may be! We are incredibly grateful for any and all support and appreciate all that everyone does for these dogs in need. Inca is a 10 month old Dutch Shepherd from a shelter in Red Bluff, CA that has been apart of Woof since December 28, 2018. Here is what happened before we pulled her: The shelter staff came in and found Inca hanging from her front leg in the kennel run. She had tried freeing herself and snapped her leg completely in half. The shelter paid for the inital repair, but she ended up with a fair amount of skin damage. Two weeks after her initial course of antibiotics was over, she developed a severe infection, and draining tracts. (Draining tracts or fistulous tracts are tract lesions that connect with a central area or focus of inflammation to the skin's surface. Draining tracts are most commonly associated with nodules which are large (greater than 0.5 cm), firm, raised usually circular lesions that extend down into the dermis.) This caused a bone infection and the start of her body rejecting her implants. She has been getting bandage/splint changes 1-3 times a week as needed and staying on a long course of heavy duty antibiotics to save her leg. She will be getting follow up x-rays in the next week or so, then a spay surgery. From her wonderful foster "she has been a challenging medical case but super companion to the kid (6 years old) of the house. She bonded to her within the first 30 min of meeting and now howls when the kid leaves. Inca is young and spunky. Really would love to bounce and romp around with the kid and my Malinois". The total cost estimate for all of her veterinary care is about $2,000. Thank you for supporting this wonderful girl!



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