If you want to donate more than $10, please change the quanity.

If/when the vet bills are eventually covered, it will say 'out of stock'



Cricket came into Woof and has been fostered with a professional trainer for several months. We originally thought she needed bilateral TPLO but after going to a specialist, her knees were cleared but needs a hip replacement or FHO. We decided to schedule her for FHO surgery for Monday January 13, 2020.

So far we have raised 2,917. We are still in need of funds for pain meds and rehab, and past appts. (Which have added up to $732.29)


Cricket will be doing 20 underwater treadmill therapy sessions post surgery. (Thank you Newberg Canine Rehab for 50% off!!!)


We are still in need of atleast $316 to make this ll happen!


Thank you for helping with our girl Jiminy Cricket!



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