If you want to donate more than $10, please change the quanity. If/when the vet bills are eventually covered, it will say 'out of stock' Woof was asked to help save this puppy's life. A family surrendered Emma after an unknown injury, possibly hit by a car. We are asking for $787.85.


Update 1: No fractures which is great. Bloodwork shows significant infection with a left shift and bands present (signs of systemic infection), has increased liver enzymes (secondary to trauma), but no signs of sepsis at this time. no free fluid in the abdomen, but does have am unusual gas pattern in her leg which could be from the hernia. Dog has been in this condition for at least 72 hours, possibly longer. The vet will cover 50% of total cost.


Update 2: In surgery now. She did perforate and had fecal contents pouring into the subcutaneous space of her inguinal area/leg for some time. No evidence of it in her abdominal cavity. The tissue is very damaged in her inguinal area and friable. She also needs a portion of her intestine removed and to have it resected as it was strangled in her inguinal hernia. They can do the R and A of her intestine no problem. can also flush out her inguinal area and place a drain. The issue is the tissue being so damaged that she may not be able to keep sutures in, the drain may fail and even if not, the tissue may die from exposure to feces from the leak she had.


Update 3: Once she opened her up more and exposed the hernia completely it was much larger than she though when we spoke earlier. The hernia is not closing and the tissue is too damaged. She would need mesh to attempt to close and would likely do best as an open abdomen with daily sedation and flushing out of the abdominal and inguinal cavity. Her muscle is already sloughing off and chances for favorable outcome are slim. Even with the minimal manipulation she has done thus far, the tissue is much worse and dying. Humane euthanasia was opted for.



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