Age: 4 years

Weight: 68lbs

Gender: Female

Energy Level: Moderate-High

Overall Drive: Moderate

Location: Ridgefield, WA

Malaga is go-go-go type of girl. She is very affectionate and handler-oriented, and also has a lot of energy to burn! Playing fetch with a large cuz toy is her favorite, and wants to do it multiple times a day! She is very mouthy and still learning not to grab clothes when excited. She does not show any resource guarding or separation anxiety. She does great meeting strangers in a calm setting. She also shows great environmental confidence.

Malaga is fully crate-trained, rides well in the car with the occasional excitement whine, and generally non-destructive. she has shown the ability to get along and play with other dogs, she has a dominating play style, but is easily called off. She is still mastering basic obedience and how to calmly walk on a leash. She can get overstimulated on walks, verbal correction or corrections with a dominant dog collar or slip lead usually does the trick.

Malaga's ideal home would be very active. She would excel in lure-coursing or barn-hunt as she has a very high prey drive, agility, herding, or frisbee. She is likely too rambunctious for small children and has no idea how large and powerful she is. She is not a couch potato, and will need daily mental and physical stimulation along with consistent rules and boundaries.

West Coast adoptions only, HOWEVER, if application is strong we may consider placement in other Western US states.


Our adoption process includes- completion of an application, followed by a telephone interview. If that goes well, we will arrange for a home visit.


Adoption Donation: $500.00

Transport along Interstate 5 (Bakersfield, CA to Bellingham, WA) is available but cost not included in adoption fee.

For all inquiries, please fill out our adoption application first, as the volunteer answering emails is probably not the coordinator for the specific foster home/dog.

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