Age: 18 months

Weight: 50lbs

Gender: Female

Energy Level: Moderate

Overall Drive: Moderate

Location: Everett, WA

Ellis’ sweet demeanor will make you smile whenever you see her. Everyone she’s met so far in rescue has instantly fallen in love with her and the perfect balance she strikes between lap dog and active teammate. If she were a human, she’d be a co-pilot; she wants to be your wingman wherever you might go! She is engaging, eager, and a quick learner.

Ellis is confident and will investigate almost anything without fear. She gets very excited to see her person after they’ve been gone to work or out on errands, but she’ll settle quickly after a little horseplay. Ellis prefers walks with her person to playing fetch or other games and would make a great running or walking partner. On walks, she will whine or bark at other dogs out of excitement but is easily redirected with correction or treats. Ellis rides well in the car, has done great at the veterinarian’s office, and is calm around loud noises. She is fully crate trained, has mastered basic obedience, and is currently working on controlling her excited jumping. Ellis walks well on a prong collar with moderate correction, treats and praise, and would do best with a handler who can balance correction with reward and redirection.

Ellis is looking for a home that can provide her with moderate amounts of exercise daily. She’d prefer that exercise to be along with her person, whether it be short play sessions or walks. Ellis would even do well in a home with frequent visitors as she loves attention. She is up for anything and would love to spend her days with someone who wants to include her whenever they can. Quick errands, hikes, walks, car rides? Ellis is in! She would also do well in a home with another playful dog that she could interact with. Looking for the perfect co-pilot in life? Ellis is ready for takeoff!

West Coast adoptions only, HOWEVER, if application is strong we may consider placement in other Western US states.

Our adoption process includes- completion of an application, followed by a telephone interview. If that goes well, we will arrange for a home visit.

Adoption Donation: $450.00

Transport along Interstate 5 (Bakersfield, CA to Bellingham, WA) is available but cost not included in adoption fee.

For all inquiries, please fill out our adoption application first, as the volunteer answering emails is probably not the coordinator for the specific foster home/dog.

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