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*Partner Listing not a Woof Project dog
See below for contact details*

Meet Courtney!

Courtney is a 5-year-old German Shepherd mix who is looking for a dedicated person who can help her flourish into the best dog she can be! Courtney is a young, active dog looking for a home where she can get lots of playtime and exercise. This girl loves to run and especially loves to play fetch! She would love a home with a nice big fenced yard to zoom after the ball and learn new tricks through positive reinforcement training. This adorable girl is shy and is still learning that strangers aren't as scary as they seem. She would do best in a calm, quiet home where she can slowly come out of her shell and feel safe. Since Courtney takes some time to trust her people and does best in a relaxing, quiet setting, she would love to live with family members that are 12 and older. Courtney has the potential to be a great dog but needs someone who understands the breed and can put the time in to help her learn and show her all of the love she deserves. If Courtney sounds like the perfect pup for you, ask about meeting her today!


She is currently available for adoption by appointment, and interested adopters can email to learn more.

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