Age: 1yr
Weight: 45 lbs
Gender: Female
Energy level: Moderate
Overall drive: Low
Location: Morgan Hill, CA

While she can’t tell us the details, we know Cosette (or Cozi as we affectionately call her) had nothing short of a horrible and rocky start to her life. Most likely missing out on some important socializing and exposure moments, her personality is complex. At her core she is sensitive, sweet and easy to live with. She takes a bit to bond, will only do so with one person, and strongly prefers women. Once she bonds, she easily trainable and learning to enjoy affection. Her favorites are neck scratches and belly rubs, but she will not yet solicit attention. However, when affection and praise is offered, she soaks it right up!

Cozi does well out in public and is learning to relax in car. She will never be a social butterfly but enjoys watching the world go by when at a coffee shop and also loves investigating anything she can get her nose on! Nosework could be a fun recreation for her and her handler since she uses her sense of smell before any other. Loud noises do scare her, making her a potential flight risk if the noise is severe enough. She is potty trained, crate trained and quite food motivated. She has mastered come/sit/down/place/no/free and is marker trained on “yes = treat”. She is continuing her studies to become proficient on out and wait, no jumping (or counter surfing/trash raiding) as well as getting more environmental exposure. If a correction is needed, it is mild in nature and results are best when using an e-collar. Due to her still becoming comfortable with people, a simple verbal correction is often too much for her delicate soul.

With proper introductions, Cozi warms up to dogs and will become very playful. She would do best in a home that has a dog to help her settle in. A low-key, neutral male that will respect boundaries is best. Due to her past, she is not one for sharing her resources.

Cozi is a very lovable girl who doesn’t cause a ruckus and can hang out on her bed and relax for hours. Her ideal handler must be experienced, patient and have a calm, child free home. She will need someone to be her advocate and not force her into meeting people or pets. Her favorite outdoor activity is hiking and she’s looking for a partner to set the pace while they bound gently and quietly into the next chapter of her journey.

West Coast adoptions only, HOWEVER, if application is strong we may consider placement in other Western US states.


Must have previous or current, purebred Malinois experience OR other high drive working breed experience. Have no children under the age of 12 years old OR have extensive experience with children and high drive dogs.


Our adoption process includes- completion of an application, followed by a telephone interview. If that goes well, we will arrange for a home visit.


Adoption Donation: $400.00


Transport along Interstate 5 (Bakersfield, CA to Bellingham, WA) is available but cost not included in adoption fee.

For all inquiries, please fill out our adoption application first, as the volunteer answering emails is probably not the coordinator for the specific foster home/dog.

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