Age: 3 years
Gender: Female
Weight: 59 pounds and losing!
Energy Level: Moderate
Overall Drive: Moderate-High
Location: Vancouver, WA

Cameo is a typical Czech German Shepherd. High ball, tug, prey drive and decent food drive. She came into Woof overweight; not knowing anything more than "sit" and had very few manners. Thankfully she is extremely stable, a quick learner, biddable, wants to please her human, and is easy to reward and correct verbally or with a prong. She has quickly blossomed in her foster home and has progressed a lot!

Cameo is now crate-trained, rides well in the car (although does the GSD excitement whine) She is getting "down", "wait", "spin", "kennel", "here" (listens to a whistle too), "eyes" (for eye contact), walks well on a prong collar, stays close when offleash and checks in. She is completely non-reactive as long as she is exercised/stimulated every day. She is anxious/nervous at the vet but tolerates handling. Loud noises don't bother her at all, she will approach to investigate. She is good for baths, blow-dry, nails and ears.

Cameo would do well in a quiet or busy household. She loves anyone that will throw her toy! Not a particularly "cuddly" or "needy" dog, but she will bond closely to one person and follow you around the house, to lay at your feet with a ball. Although she prefers to play with her humans, she is dog neutral. She gets along with males and females of all sizes/ages. She would have to be heavily managed around cats with barriers or ecollar, as she thinks they are super fun to chase.

West Coast adoptions only, HOWEVER, if application is strong we may consider placement in other Western US states.


Must have previous or current, purebred German Shepherd experience OR other high drive working breed experience. Have no children under the age of 12 years old OR have extensive experience with children and high drive dogs.


Our adoption process includes- completion of an application, followed by a telephone interview. If that goes well, we will arrange for a home visit.


Adoption Donation: $500.00

Transport along Interstate 5 (Bakersfield, CA to Bellingham, WA) is available but cost not included in adoption fee.

For all inquiries, please fill out our adoption application first, as the volunteer answering emails is probably not the coordinator for the specific foster home/dog.

Thank you for visiting The Woof Project!