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Beckham is a spayed female, 11 months old, 45 pounds, Malinois (mix). Beckham is ready to bend it with you! This sporty spice girl is looking for someone to play with. She is very fit, agile, athletic and energetic, not to mention very smart. Highly trainable with enough food and toy drive to potentially make a great dog sport or performance partner. She currently displays some unruly teen behavior, typical of a poorly socialized adolescent Malinois and will need a human partner to help her mature into a proper lady. Our handling team has been working with her on some behavior management and certain canine citizenship skills and will expect any adopter to be willing to maintain and build on her progress so far.


Beckham came to us from a shelter in Elk Grove, CA where she was picked up as a stray after a family saw her wandering and get hit by a car, when an officer arrived at the scene, Beckham was carrying on with her wander without a care, showing no signs of injury after all.


She has all the qualities we look for in search dogs--love for toys, love for food, love for the hunt, love for action--but just not quite enough for her to be a working dog. She will be most successful with those who have prior breed experience as Mals can be Mals. She can be reactive to other dogs while on leash, go over threshold quickly if stimulated, wants and needs to do things. No cats, please. No small children. A secure yard or living space, as she is an escape artist. Preference given to adopters in Southern/Central California area.


The AKC describes the Belgian Malinois like this: to deny a Mal activity and the pleasure of your company is to deprive them of their very reasons for being. Beckham would agree with this. Are you game enough to offer her the pleasure of your company?


Contact: Lifetimecare@searchdogfoundation.org or call: 805-317-8663 for more information.

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