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About Alvin:

DOB: August 10 2018

Weight: 42lbs

Energy: High

Drive: Moderate - high - still determining

Location: Langley, BC Canada


I was taken in with my 2 brothers and sister from a backyard breeder. When we were rescued, we were 4 months old and had never left the house or been exposed to anything. We were all desperate for attention. I have had a hard time with the transition. I was the confident outgoing one, but suddenly the world I knew became very different and I got very scared. When I am somewhere I know, I am a bouncy, busy puppy exploring and picking things up. However I need lots of patience and slow introductions to the busy world. I go for daily trail walks. I walk very nicely with a gentle leader and I am learning not to woof or startle at everything that goes by. I am making big improvements every day but I have not been to any really busy places yet. We are just taking it one step at a time. I am starting to do well walking around town, ignoring other dogs. I got to experience a train going by and it didn't bother me at all.

At home I am good out in the yard by myself of with my foster moms dogs. In the house if I have energy I romp all around chewing on toys and exploring. If we have been for a big walk then I like to sleep on the couch with my foster mom. I get along great with the other dogs in the house. Sometimes they get annoyed with me because I like to lick their faces and jump on them sometimes. I like new dogs once I have met them, but I am scared and woof at first. Yet every dog I meet I keep getting better. With a proper slow introduction I am good with them. I run around the farm and hang out with the chickens and ducks. I'm still not to sure what I think of the pig, goats and horse. 

I sleep in my crate, and ride in the truck in my crate. I usually go running in for a treat, but sometimes i decided that i don't want to. I love my food and my foster mom puts it in puzzles for me to work on. It only slows me down a little bit as I am one smart puppy. I learn new things really quickly now that i have learnt how to focus. I am great off leash and come when called. I am learning to play ball. I didn't know what toys were before. I know sit, and I am learning down. Mom seems to say "off" a lot because I love to jump up.  I have lots of energy and its really hard to tire me out. My sister was rescued when she was only 9 weeks so she was never scared of things, so she got to go to a home to be a search and rescue dog. My foster mom says i would be a good working dog if I can get over my fears, but we don't know if i will get over everything. 

I am a very sweet boy. I happily greet people who calmly approach. I was nervous of screaming dancing kids at the park, but when my doggy friends said hi, it looked safe so then I wanted to say hi to. I definitely benefit from being around calm confident dogs as I will copy them. 

I need someone who is experienced with dealing with fear issues who can slowly keep introducing me to the world. I am a Malinois, so I am a lot of puppy and I will keep you busy for years to come. 

For more information on me please contact Kira at adogslife@shaw.ca

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